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Summer is just around the corner! That means warmth, fun times with friends, and an ocean (or lake!) calling your name. That also means it’s going to be bikini body season. Now, know that to have a bikini body you simply just have to put on a bikini. That’s it. You now have a bikini body. But, if you want to trim a bit off your edges or want to try to get back in shape, why not watch some workout videos! Here are a few YouTube workout videos to try for yourself.

One amazing YouTube channel you need to check out if FitnessBlender. They offer hundreds of workout and nutrition videos that are completely free. They have an entire variety, from full ab workouts, to simply workouts that don’t require any equipment. Their videos have everything from the beginner workouts to advance. It’s whatever you want to make from it, which is perfect. Go ahead and give them a look to see if they fit what you’ve been looking for.

Now, if you’re looking for something geared directly towards teenagers, that’s going to be a bit hard to find. Most workouts aren’t geared towards teenagers because our bodies are still growing, so an excessive amount of exercise isn’t necessarily good for us. But, there are tons of workouts just for girls to try! There’s a 7 minutes workout video by Icon UK that is perfect for girls that don’t have a ton of time to workout, but still need to do something. It’s a bit cardio intensive, but if you’re looking for a quick workout most of the are going to be like this. Overall though, Icon UK is another great channel to try for even more workout videos!

Finally, PopSugar fitness has a workout video that’s made for me, and probably you too. It’s the 15 minute lazy girl workout as is perfect if you really need to workout but can’t find the motivation to go to the gym or have a super intensive workout. 15 minutes isn’t a ton of time either, or if you’re waiting between classes or have some time before after school activities, this one is a great workout video for you to try!

It’s time to workout ladies, even if you hate doing so. It’s a good idea to get some physical activity in every day to keep us healthy and make our lives better. These workout videos and channels should be a ton of help when figuring out how to start working out and what fits for you. Let’s get started!

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Posted 5/5/2017

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