Women in History you NEED to Know About

Fe Del Mundo

Women did not have nearly the rights and privileges that we do today in America. We women really hard to work hard to get the things that we had, and many women are forgotten about in modern textbooks and stories. I remember that many men were talked about in my history classes, but women heroes still got brushed over. Here is their chance to shine though. These are some women that you need to know from history that have given you what you have today.

Fe Del Mundo (featured photo) is an amazing and tricky women. She was the very first women admitted into Harvard’s medical school. The reason? They actually thought that she was a man when they admitted her! All they knew was that she was incredibly intelligent, so they assumed she had to have been a man at the time. Afterward she opened the first pediatric hospital in the Philippines and opened up a huge gateway for women in the medical field beyond nursing. She’s been gifted numerous awards and will always be remembered for her work in medicine for women.

Again talking about Harvard there was The Harvard Computers. They were an all female group of astronomers at Harvard under the supervision of astronomer Edward Charles Pickering. You know those beautiful stars in the sky? Well these ladies classified them and named almost every single one of them. Yup. All of those stars were classified and named by our wonderful ladies named The Harvard Computers.

Hillary Clinton got a huge praise for being the first woman to have a chance at being president, but did you know she wasn’t actually the first woman to run for President of the United States? Nope. Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for President all the way back in 1872. Crazy right?! While she wasn’t running as a Democrat or Republican, she was running for the Equal Rights Party (yay!) and fought for birth control rights along with freedom of love. What an amazing woman.

Finally there’s Sybil Ludington, the female Paul Revere. Sybil was 16 years old when she rode out and warned people that the British were coming. She did far more than Revere though. Sybil had a ride twice the length of Revere’s but never truly got credit. During the time she was shown much love, especially by George Washington himself, but as the world went on she was slowly forgotten.

Remember that there are tons of women out there that have done amazing things for us today. There are far more women that should be included on this list, but for now this is where I’ll have to stop. Look up some more amazing role models, including some of the first women in NASA as the new movie Hidden Figures portrays. Women are amazing, both today and all throughout history.

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Posted 5/2/2017

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