Why You Should Write a Thank You Note to a Parent

TXTgirl Blog Why You Should Write a Thank You Note to a Parent

I bet you can easily remember the last time you argued with your parents. Yesterday? Last week? It’s pretty easy to remember yelling at them, but when was the last time you said thank you to your parents? I bet that’s even harder. You probably don’t thank them for paying for the house you live under, or for the clothes you wear, or even the groceries they bought you. We hardly ever say thank you to them. So I challenge you to write them a thank you note.

Our parents do a lot for us that we don’t really know about. They give up a huge chunk of their days to go to work just to be able to provide a good life for you. Some of them even have more than one job, just to make sure that you are provided for. They always put your needs before theirs. Write them a note thanking them for everything that they do just to make sure you have everything you need to have a good life.

I bet you never think about the little things they do for you either. Like the fact that they pay your phone bill, or sometimes take you out to dinner. After years of doing this, we stop saying thank you because it becomes implied. Instead, write a little thank you after dinner one day, or even after opening gifts this holiday season. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it, even if it’s just a paragraph long.

Make sure that you thank your parents every now and then. Doing it in person can get a little awkward, but writing something down and giving it to them can be much easier. You could even give it to them during gift giving season! Whenever you decide to do it, make sure to put a lot of thought into it. I’m sure you’re parents will love how thoughtful your thank you note will be.

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Posted 4/3/2017

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