Why Ginger is Good For You

Why is Ginger Good For You

Ginger is found in practically all healthy drinks these days. While the root might not taste the best to most people, it does have great health benefits for those days when you just aren’t feeling your best. The root is very commonly found, and typically isn’t very expensive, so why not pick some up on your next trip to the grocery store! It’s a great buy with so many versatile options for it. Now, before we get into the real facts, let’s mention some amazing fun facts!

In the medieval times ginger was one of the main medicines used in apothecaries and hospitals to help fight off infections. They didn’t have the medicines we had today, so ginger was the next best thing!

Ginger does not grow wild, though when it did it was found in the rainforests. For such a dry looking root I thought it would have grown in a much drier area.

Pickled ginger is widely used in Japan and Asian cultures. They make tons of things out of it, and most commonly you can see it served on the side with Sushi here in America.

America comes nowhere close to consuming the most ginger. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, India consumer about 30% of the ginger produced in 2014, with China being next at 19%

Ginger is widely being found to help fight against certain types of cancer. Yay!

Ginger can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can easily use ginger root to make tea out of it. That tends to be America’s choice when trying to use raw ginger. Pickled ginger is always a great way to use it (and delicious too!). There are many online recipes that can point you in the direction of pickling ginger since it can be a bit tricky at first. You can also eat slices of ginger with your meal as well, though the preparation process requires some great knife skills. Don’t eat too much ginger though, as a lot of ginger in one day can actually hurt your health and make you sick.

Most of the benefits of ginger are with stomach related issues. Many of the properties of ginger are good for relieving nausea, stomach pain, morning sickness, etc. It can help with heartburn as well. One of the best benefits for us girls is relieving menstrual pain! It’s a natural way instead of taking over the counter remedies, so give it a try next time. Ginger can also help reduce muscle pain and soreness, so try drinking some ginger tea after your next workout.

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Posted 11/6/2017

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