Why Garlic is Good For You

Why Garlic is Good For You

Garlic has been around since before any of us can even remember. It’s used in Italian dishes constantly and is a favorite for chefs around the world. It’s versatile, easy to cook (so long as you don’t burn it) and can add a spicier flavor to your dishes. It even has a really cool history that you can look into. Let’s take a closer look at Garlic and the things that make it amazing.

Garlic was at one point given to Russian soldiers during World War II as medicine. They believed that garlic would work really closely to penicillin to cure illness.

Garlic was one of the first herbs to ever be used in history, both for food and medicine. It also happens to be one of the healthiest herbs for you to eat!

Garlic can actually help fight acne! While it might not work for everyone there are some acne fighting things that are found in Garlic. Just rub a thing peal of garlic on your pimple before bed.

While you might think that Garlic comes from overseas or the middle of the United States, over 90% of Garlic actually comes from California. Yay!

We typically see Garlic as white clove in the grocery store, but there are actually tons of different variations. There are somewhere over 300 different variations, including different colors such as violet and pink.

There are many different ways that you can use Garlic. One of the first ones is to use it in cooking. There are hundreds of different recipes out there, but one of the easiest is either pizza or pasta. Both require Garlic in the sauce, and a Garlic crust can make pizza taste so much better. While it does make your breath stink you can try it in herbal remedies to give your body a bit of a boost.

There are many benefits to eating Garlic. First, it has far over 10 different vitamins and minerals in it, which is great for your body. Garlic is also thought to either cure or slow the development of certain cancers. Additionally, Garlic has the benefit of being so versatile, so there’s no way that you can’t get a daily dose of garlic.

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Posted 10/30/2017

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