Why Females Make Exceptional Leaders

TXTgirl Blog Why Females Make Exceptional Leaders

This last election we had the opportunity to possibly elect a woman into power as our president. While that didn’t happen (but more female leaders were elected elsewhere!), it’s a good thing to look at why females can and do make exceptional leaders, not only for our country, but for our daily lives as well. Women make exceptional leaders, and here’s a few great reasons why.

First of all, females think differently than men do. That’s a good thing! It means that we have different viewpoints and perspectives, giving us a different opinion on things. It gives us the ability to see more of the full picture rather than just a portion of it. Plus, we can see different scenarios better, making us all a bit more level headed.

Second, females tend to be more empathetic than men. That might sound harsh, but women have a lot more feelings towards things that are going on. While this might not be the best for high risk scenarios, in small scale, and especially with people, it can be great. Being empathetic can help create closer bonds with people, while still doing what is right.

Finally, females can multitask much easier while still keeping their cool about things. Women in the house always have multiple things to do, and are usually doing those things all at the same time. That is great for a leader that needs to balance lots of things in their life without getting overwhelmed. Multi-tasking is an amazing tool for leaders to have, especially if they can remain calm during it.

Being a leader isn’t only for boys anymore. Girls can be great leaders too! Try being a leader during this year. It’s a great experience, and we always need more girl leaders in our lives.

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Posted 3/9/2017

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