Why Does Drinking Water Help With Headaches?

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Headaches are one of the absolute worst things. I myself suffer from chronic migraines and have been for almost 5 years now. I’ve figured out my own formulas for getting rid of headaches, and most of the time they include some pain medicine and a drink. Usually I drink something with electrolytes, such as a Gatorade, but water can be just as great. Water can actually help with headaches, at least for a little bit.

First of all, we need to cover what kinds of headaches we can have. The most common type of headache is called a tension headache. This is when your head feels really tight, and usually happens when you’re under a lot of stress. There are also cluster headaches, which happen over a period of about a week, but they stay specifically on one side of your head. Then there’s migraines, which occur all over the head and typically stay for days, accompanied with blurry vision, nausea, and fatigue.

So what does water do to help with headaches? Well, one of the biggest things that occurs to trigger headaches is dehydration. When your body is lacking water the muscles can tense up, thus causing those tensions headaches and other various headaches. Drinking water can help to deliver the liquids that the body needs to de-stress and help heal itself.

So mostly, water just helps hydrate the body which helps to let the body de-stress, unwind, and start healing itself. It can keep our body in tip-top shape, letting our brains work without any stress at all. Next time you have a headache, try reaching for water first before those pain killers.

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