About TXTgirl

TXTgirl is a positive destination created by girls for girls of all ages to find support, inspiration, resources and knowledge.  TXTgirl believes in building a community where girls help girls be their best selves as they journey through life.  Together we can do more, impact more, and become more.  Our SHOP allows us to create positive change and enable opportunity.

How Dreams for Girls are Funded

The TXTgirl SHOP is filled with our latest custom designed graphic apparel to inspire conversation and fund dreams for girls. 20% of every purchase funds dreams for girls to help them discover their talents and strengths to reach their personal goals.  We want girls to have the opportunity to try something new, or to learn a new skill, no matter what their circumstance.

Have you ever dreamed of trying something new?

Maybe you’ve dreamed about learning to cook to become a chef, or learn to sew to launch your own fashion line, or would like support in your academic classes for school, or need a little help with an idea for a startup…the opportunities are endless.  We want to empower you, so that you can achieve your dreams and reach your full potential.  What’s Your Dream?  Share Your Dream with Us Today!


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