What’s YOUR message? Do you know?

TXTgirl is a movement. It’s all age girls coming together… as a group. TXTgirl believes we are stronger together than we are alone. Together we can do more, impact more, and learn more and so, we’ve built a community of girls just like you, looking for the same things as you, and struggling with the same things as you.

It’s a DRAMA FREE, JUDGEMENT FREE zone. A safe place where you can, in real-time, motivate, inspire, encourage, teach, learn, support and connect with other girls who want to live their best life while enhancing yourself and others.

It's a community of involved girls, just like you. A place where you can be yourself, ask important questions, get honest answers, and connect with girls that share similar interests.

At TXTgirl, you will never be alone. We span the globe of other like-minded girls who belong to the TXTgirl tribe of positivity and philanthropic activities who want to define their core values and live them daily and to discover their talents and reach their personal goals, which are shared here and achieved by individual and group experiences, shared stories, community support, and life skill resources.

Are you THIS girl? If so, join our tribe.  

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