Ways to Spend a Bit More Time by Yourself

Tg Blog Ways to Spend a Bit More Time for Yourself

Spending time by yourself, or even for yourself, has become somewhat of a luxury these days. That’s so strange to me! Just think about that, having time to be your own human being is now something that is rare to come across. Even thirty years ago people had an abundance of time for themselves. What happened? Well, things became more demanding and jobs became harder, so we lost our free time. It’s time to demand more free time for ourselves. How is that possible though?

Trying to find more time to spend with ourselves can be tricky. If you’re a student, it’s really difficult to get around a class schedule, not to mention all of the extracurriculars that you most likely have. Sometimes, it just gets too much to actually see your free time. In that case, invest in a planner of some sort. They can really help you see what days you don’t work or have extracurriculars. It is truly a lifesaver. You’ll finally be able to see what days are free for you to spend all by yourself.

When those free days just end up being homework days, we might have a bit of a problem. Or, if you’re looking around and see no free days in your future, that can be a worse problem. In that scenario, we really need to learn how to plan for a day off. That means looking at a day that you can afford to call off work, or miss a meeting that isn’t very important. Maybe you choose not to go out with friends just to have a bit of free time. So long as no damage can come from missing something, it’s okay to do that. Use some vacation days to really create a free day. Just don’t get into the habit of missing stuff. Make sure that if you’re going to take a vacation or free day that it’s a day you can afford to do it on and that it’s a one time deal.

What can you do during this new you time? Well, one thing that my friends (and even my boyfriend!) loves to do is facial masks. Go to a beauty store and pick up a facial for you to try out. Green tea masks are amazing, and mud masks can make your skin feel amazing. They’re really calming to do and can make that you time 100 times better. You can always catch up on a favorite TV show too, or go to a restaurant that you haven’t tried yet. Just remember, you time is for you, so make sure to treat yo’ self.

Make (or find) some time for yourself this month and throughout the rest of the year. You time is really important, and should be incorporated into your monthly schedule somehow. Try to find time during your month that is free, otherwise, see if creating a free day is obtainable and won’t have negative consequence. Pamper yourself on your you day. You deserve it.

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Posted 5/4/2017

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