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Have you ever wanted to go somewhere new without ever having to leave your own home? Have you ever wanted to do something crazy, but have never had the money to do it? Well, there’s something new on the market that’s been trying to take off like crazy; Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses. Many of them simply connect to your smartphone, and your virtual reality experience can begin!

How do virtual reality glasses work? Well, they uses special lenses to help create a 3D effect on the mind. Typically, phones or other screens show one image. Virtual reality uses special lenses to show two images, creating depth for the eyes and the sense that this is an actual place you are at! Plus, virtual reality glasses can have head tracking, which makes the image you’re seeing move with you. So, if you turn your head to the left, you would see what’s on your left, instead of the image just moving. It tries to re-enact the real world as much as possible by adding sound to everything as well.

Virtual Reality Glasses are the most amazing piece of technology to come onto the market. Hopefully in the future these can be expanded into a fully immersive experience! If you have the money, go ahead and try getting some Virtual Reality Glasses! You can always try seeing if your friends have them, or even some arcades carry them now. No matter what, you should absolutely try these if you have the chance.

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Posted 3/1/2017

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