Trying on Jeans

TG Blog 29 Photo from TXTgirl

This is a bit of a rant so I apologize, but I was recently trying on a pair of black jeans for my new job and remembered how absolutely frustrating it is to try on a pair of pants.

At least in my case, I do not have a set size for pants – they always fit differently at every store. So that is a hassle. Then there is the issue that every pair of jeans fits me differently at different places on my body. For example, I will find a pair that fits my butt, but not my hips, and then another that fits my thighs, but not by butt… what is that about? Why can’t there just be a little machine you walk into that perfectly fits pants to your body?

So after about twenty minutes of struggling in a dressing room, and calling for help from the poor attendant about seven hundred times, I managed to find a pair of black pants, that fits my waist and thighs, but are too long and are a tiny bit big around the butt (talk about a case of saggy butt).

Maybe one day the world will invent something that makes trying on pants not as difficult and a bit more enjoyable, but remember that this is a universal issue. Trying on pants is not easy for anyone and every girl I know struggles to find the right pair. So just keep looking and you will find a brand that you can depend on, but until then, good luck my friends!

TXTgirl :: Los Angeles, CA

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