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Cooking can be fun for everyone, even if you’re a horrible cook. Sometimes it just takes the right recipe to really make cooking a great experience. The problem is that so many people get into the habit of using the same recipes over and over again. Boring! It’s time to find a few new recipes to try out. I’ll help you figure out ways to find new great recipes and then I’ll give you one to try on your own.

How can you find new recipes to try? One way is to actually buy a brand new cookbook. I know that seems like the craziest idea in the world, but it’s actually not that insane. Cookbooks typically aren’t very popular, so it’s easy to find a little one on clearance for less than five dollars. You don’t have to invest in some crazy expensive cookbook. The inexpensive ones will be great to simply find some new recipes.

Another way to find some new recipes is to subscribe to cooking websites. They like to send you weekly emails with recipes to try out. If you want to do even less work you could subscribe to a cooking box: a subscription box that sends you all of the ingredients and directions to a new recipe. Those come in the mail about every month to three months depending on your subscription plan.

Finally, you can find new recipes on Facebook or by asking family. There are always new recipes being shown on Facebook feeds. They typically make some really delicious things too along with being easier than average to make. Family might have some recipes that you haven’t tried either. The perk about asking family is that they may decide to show you how to cook it though. Bonus for family bonding time!

Alright, we’ve figured out how to find new recipes to try. Now, to kick start your new cooking adventure, here’s a great recipe to try from Happy cooking!

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Posted 5/12/2017

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