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One university related sweatshirt. Black leggings Tan combat boots. Foundation. Light red blush. Gold eyeshadow with brown on the crease. Eyeliner. Walk out the door and go to class. That’s my routine almost every single morning during the winter. During the day it doesn’t really seem all that redundant, but when you put it into simple terms it truly does seem repetitive. I challenge us, both you and me, to switch up our styles this week. How can you do that when you can’t even tell if you’re being repetitive? I’ll help you out!

First, let’s switch up our makeup a bit. I’m not telling you to try out a foundation two times darker than your skin color, or to look like a complete clown for an entire week. I’m simply asking for you to try some new colors that you haven’t tried before. Look at your eyeshadow palettes. See those colors that look like they’ve barely been touched? Those are the eyeshadows that I want you to try out. Play with them. Try new things. New combinations! Wear some colorful eyeliner for once. Try using a different blush. Maybe even try contouring your face or adding some highlighter. Make sure that you don’t look absolutely ridiculous walking out the door, but try your best to use new makeup, or different makeup, to help switch up your style.

Next, we need to switch up what we’re wearing a little bit. There are truly two ways to do this: drastically and subtly. Let’s talk about the more popular option which is to switch your style subtly. Go into your closet and look at the things that you currently own. Find some of your favorite staple pieces that you love but seem to wear with the same things over and over again. Now, either break out that handy Pinterest app or do some Google Image searching to find some new outfits with things that you already own. It’s really easy to find new outfits to mix and match your clothes with.

Alright, now it’s time to talk about a drastic wardrobe style change. I’m talking going out and actually buying new pieces of clothing that you wouldn’t typically wear. That’s a huge change and one that takes a ton of self-confidence to pull off. You’re essentially buying yourself an entire new wardrobe that you’re not even positive if you’ll love or not. My tip for doing this is to buy things in moderation. I’d say start with some accessories first. If you seem to like those, then try to pick outfits that look good with those accessories. Again, Pinterest is going to be a huge help in finding brand new styles to wear. Just remember that the clothes won’t look the same as they do on a model, but you can still rock it.

Break out of your old style routine and try something a little bit different. You’ll be completely surprised by how different you can look with a new wardrobe and a little different makeup. You might even get a bunch of new compliments on your new attire. Break out of those habits! Make sure you have fun doing it too. I’m sure that you’ll find at least one new outfit to love.

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Posted 4/19/2017

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