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Spring Break can be absolutely amazing. It’s always a great time when spent with friends, and even better if you’re traveling somewhere. We all know what happens on Spring Break though, so I have some guidelines for your trip to make sure that you’re staying safe and have a great time. Yes I might sound a bit like your mother, but it’s necessary that you know this.

First, always, always, always use the buddy system. Spring Break is a great time for bad people to do harmful things to girls that go exploring on their own. You absolutely need to go places with a friend to make sure that you’re safe. There is always safety in numbers, so if you can get more than one friend to go with you then make sure that you do. Another great tip is to have an emergency text. Many people use “X” as their text, but a little phrase like “unicorn” or something you don’t typically use in a conversation can be a lifesaver. It will let your friends know that you’re in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation and that they need to find you as soon as possible, or call the police.

Do not do something that you aren’t comfortable with. This seems obvious, but many people try to do new and exciting things while on break, even if they don’t feel comfortable doing it. Usually if something is uncomfortable to you that means that it isn’t exactly safe. This is true when talking to guys too (since there are TONS of hot guys on Spring Break). If he is doing something that you don’t like, or is trying to pressure you into doing something without your friends, just say no and walk away. You are never required to do something you don’t want to.

Third, program some safety numbers into your phone. While everyone might know 911 you might not need them for an issue. Program all your friend’s numbers, your hotel’s front desk, and possibly the local urgent care or hospitals number in. You most likely won’t need any of these, but they are great to have in case of an accident or an emergency that doesn’t exactly require 911.

Finally, try to have fun, but always stay safe. If someone wants to you do or try something but they won’t tell you specifics, it probably isn’t a good idea. But, if you find cool things like ziplining with your girlfriends, feel free to try it. While my list might make you scared to go off somewhere for Spring Break, just know that most of that won’t happen. You just need to be aware of the possibilities. Spring Break is all about having fun and making great memories, so that should be your absolute main focus next to safety.

Have a great Spring Break and make sure that you make good decisions. Make amazing memories, go to cool places, and really relax during your one week off from school. If you plan on staying at home, that’s great too. It’s whatever you want to do on your Spring Break that will help you relax from the stressful months you’ve had at school or work.

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Posted 4/4/2017

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