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Social media can be tons of fun to spend time on. You get to see all of your friends, watch inspirational videos, and laugh at all the funny content while scrolling down your feed. Sometimes, on certain platforms, you can make some amazing friends all over the world. With all of this freedom and connection, there are some safety concerns to address though. Here are just a few safety tips for you to remember while enjoying the perks of social media.

You’ve most likely heard this tip before, but never put your personal information out onto the internet. While you think that what you’re doing is good, putting personal information opens up a tiny door for hackers to get to you. For example, if someone knows your full name, address, and cellphone number, they can easily access enough information to fill out applications for you that you don’t even know exist. A skilled hacker could fill out credit cards in your name too, which will be increasingly damaging in the future. Just keep it to your first name and possibly last initial out there.

Want to know how secure your information is? Google yourself. That seems so silly, but you’d be surprised how much of your information is online and available for others to find. Just from my Google search I found Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, my phone number, and even my current address. There are things that others have shared about me that I didn’t even know about. While you might think that your information is safe, you might not know how much is actually out there.

Another great safety tip is to know who you’re talking to. This can be hard, but if someone you are talking to is asking personal information or anything else, don’t give it to them. This includes selling things online. Have an email separate from your personal email to give to people if you want to talk to them. Never give out your cell phone number, credit card numbers, or anything else that can be used negatively. You never know exactly who you’re talking to on the internet (especially if you’re never met them) so use what you learned about stranger danger wisely.

Finally, use your best judgement. Keep your private life private. Keep your posts off of public. Don’t meet up with people you’re meeting online, this is for your safety. Just use your best judgement to be safe online. If something sketchy starts happening, make sure to tell someone about it and see what happens. If someone is harassing you, report it.

Stay safe out there on the internet with social media. Make sure you don’t give out your personal information to anybody on the internet, even if you know who they are. Don’t meet with anyone you meet online. Most importantly, keep your private life on private, and keep your posts off public view. Keep yourself safe online, but always remember to have fun and enjoy everything that social media gives to us.

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Posted 6/5/2017

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