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Hiking can be a really fun experience! Whether you’re going alone or with a friend, you can see so many different things and really explore the great outdoors. Of course, while going hiking there are some risks that come with it, so you need to be prepared for the worst. Here’s a few safety tips for you if you plan on going out hiking this summer.

First of all, bring a backpack with you. I know it might seem cumbersome and heavy, but you need to at least bring a small one with you. You would be surprised at how much you will need to carry with you while hiking. Plus, you may find some cools stones or other items along the way that you will want to take.

Make sure you pack a first aid kit. This might not seem like the biggest issue, but you never know when someone might get bit by something, or when you might scrape a knee. Worst case scenario, if someone gets severely injured, at least you’ll have a few medical supplies to patch them up and get to safety to call for help.

Pack a water bottle and a few filters. For filters, you need to make sure that they are strong enough to filter out the harmful chemicals in creek water if necessary. You might need to desperately refill your water bottle while on the trails, but don’t have the time to purify it all, so a water bottle with a filter really helps.

Make sure that you have a multi-purpose tool with you so that you can cut through things, or open items that you can’t open with your hand. Plus, they make a great item to have in case of emergency, considering they have some many different tools to make any situation survivable.

Stay on or near the trails. This might sound really silly and childish, but it’s actually a very good tip. If you travel off the trails you might run into dangerous things, such as poison ivy, or even animals that you don’t want to run into (coyotes for example). Also, sometimes there are traps put in place, deep in the woods for hunters, but occasionally they’re not marked. Staying on the trails ensures that you won’t run into any trouble with traps. Finally, getting lost is very easy once you get off the trails, creating a disaster for trying to find your way back, or for help trying to find you.

One last little tip, go with your gut feeling. Many people don’t mention this, but usually that voice inside your head, or that feeling you get in your stomach when something doesn’t seem right, is usually correct. If something is telling you to go back or to stop where you are, try listening to it. You’ll thank your inner voice for it, I’m sure.

So, make sure when you go hiking you stay safe this summer! Bring a first aid kit, stay on the trails, and always go with your gut feeling. Have fun!

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