POWERTALK FEATURING Nancy Gale [Owner + Designer]

POWERTALK Featuring Nancy Gale [Part 1] Owner + Designer

FUNTALK Featuring Nancy Gale [Part 2] Owner + Designer

Nancy Gale
Owner + Designer

Nancy Gale is an inspiring individual with a fascinating story of overcoming hardship and creating something beautiful out of the pieces.  Not only is she a powerful force in the entrepreneurial world as a luxury handbag designer, she is also a passionate activist, advocate, mentor, teacher and skydiver.  Her generous heart and outgoing personality radiate positivity that is spread to everyone she meets despite the challenges she has faced throughout her lifetime.  It’s no wonder why she has such an impact on empowering others with the force of resiliency.

JAMAH designer Nancy Gale has the voracious passion and unerring commitment it takes to qualify JAMAH as a true luxury line.  Making the bold decision to produce JAMAH entirely in the United States, her handbags redefine the modern classic.  The styles are season-less and are released at the discretion and inspiration of the designer.  Today her designs represent true luxury with handcrafted, “Made In The USA” handbags, men’s bags and accessories that have become the top pick of some of Hollywood’s most well known celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Channing Tatum and a 1st American family.  Take a look www.jamah.com.

The word JAMAH, is present in languages throughout the world, represents “comfort.” JAMAH’s brand principle ‘be who you are’ encompasses the authenticity of being comfortable in one’s own skin. Nancy’s vision embraces individuality with timeless, yet innovative designs that are inspired by people and the architecture of the world around us.  She believes, “What is most important is to be who you are and embrace the beauty within.

“Shift Your Attitude.”- Nancy Gale

Connect on Instagram: @JamahBags
Twitter: @JamahBags
LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/nancygale/
Learn more about Nancy’s Non-Profit AMBITION http://intruefashion.org/


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