Planning for the New Year: Travel!

TXTgirl Blog Planning for the New Year- Travel!

Have you ever heard of the word wanderlust? Basically, wanderlust is the need and want to travel all around the world and see new places. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, you should make it one of your plans this new year. This new year, plan on traveling and seeing the world around you! There are so many amazing places to discover, and traveling can actually be good for you as well.

Traveling doesn’t always have to mean hopping on a plane and traveling across the ocean to a new country. Sometimes, traveling can easily be going to a new place in the state that you live. I guarantee you haven’t traveled everywhere in your state, and if you have there are probably some places you haven’t gone to yet. A simple car ride is what you need to start your traveling adventures, so grab some friends and pile in!

If you do plan on traveling to a far away place, you’ll need to do some planning. If you’re traveling within the USA, look at taking a train to wherever you’re going. Usually they’re less expensive and you don’t have to worry about getting lost while driving along the way. Plus, you get to look outside your window and enjoy the scenery, rather than constantly focusing on the road. If a train simply isn’t going to work, make sure you buy your plane tickets in advance. Usually during the week plane tickets are much less expensive, so check lots of different times to figure out what is going to be the most cost effective for you. Finally, make sure that you’re packing everything that you need for your trip. Make a checklist for what you’ll need, and if you’re flying, make sure that you follow the TSA guidelines for what you can and cannot bring onto a plane.

Don’t over plan your trip. You don’t need to know everything you’ll be doing at this exact time, but you should have an idea of some things to do no matter where you’re going. Check out attractions directly in the place you want to visit, and even some places along the way or near to you. If they require tickets, try to buy them in advance so that you’re not stuck waiting in a long ticket line. Be a little spontaneous too! Try some of the local favorites instead of the big tourist restaurants. Of course, take lots of pictures too. You won’t want to forget the memories from your trip!

Traveling can be tons of fun. Make sure to plan ahead when trying to figure out what to do or how to get there, but make sure that you still have lots of room for spontaneity! You never want to ruin a trip just because you over planned everything. Find some great places to check out, and always remember to have fun. This new year, make it your resolution to travel more often.

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Posted 2/7/2017

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