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Vacations can be amazing. Do you know what can be even better than a vacation though? No, this isn’t a trick question. In fact, it might not be something you’ve considered before. A “staycation” can be so much better than a vacation! A staycation is planning a week or weekend to yourself at home, making it fun without having to travel anywhere. You can save tons of money by cutting out the travel costs and avoiding the incredibly touristy destinations. Here are some great staycation ideas for you to try.

First, why not check out your local theater to see what events are going on? Most theaters in your hometown have productions that occur on the weekends. Usually these are free to get into or cost very little money at all. If you can’t think of a theater around you Google some! Or, if you live in a college town, typically the colleges have productions that occur as well and they would love to have you go and watch. Productions can include things like musicals, plays, short one-acts by students currently in college, or even special movies that aren’t in theaters. All of these are great ways to have a staycation this weekend.

Another great way to plan a staycation is to visit a local park or museum. Sometimes these can be free as well depending on where you live. Lots of big cities like to offer free admission to people who are legal residents of that state. Museums can be great to think and spend some time learning new things. There are usually some amazing interactive things to play with as well to keep you entertained. Local parks are a great way to get away too. They give you space to think about your life and get away from the world around you. They’re perfect for the feeling of a vacation without the actual need for one.

Finally, why not attend a local festival or event near you? There are always things going on around town, especially in bigger cities. It’s a great way to meet new people around you and discover new things going on. Maybe you’ll even find a new store or a new annual event to go to. Festivals usually have free stuff to pass out as well, meaning that you can pick up a few new things for your room. Free stuff is such a win!

Plan a staycation this weekend. You surely don’t need to spend a ton of money on a vacation that can get you the same results as being at home. See if your local theater has anything going on or check out the museums and parks in your area. If that just isn’t your thing, see if there are any interesting events or festivals near you to check out. Have a great staycation ladies!

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Posted 5/9/2017

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