National Taco Day | October 4th

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Chipotle is basically a staple with college students these days. There is always one hanging around a college campus, and rightfully so. They serve some amazing food, and their tacos are typically my favorite thing. You can be sure that on October 4th I’m going to be getting some tacos, and hopefully from Chipotle. Why you ask? Well, October 4th is National Taco Day!

Tacos are traditionally considered a Mexican food. That much is really well known. You can get them at any Mexican restaurant and they’re extremely easy to make. You just need to have some tortillas, a meat or veggies, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and maybe some sour cream. Combine them into your tortilla shell and you have a yummy taco to eat! Try adding some different things like bell peppers or corn to mix it up if your typical taco just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

The first tacos were actually made with fried fish instead of the traditional beef that we see today. A Spanish conqueror Bernal Diaz del Castillo wrote the first ever history of the taco in his book, titled A True History of the Conquest of Spain. In 1914 the first taco recipe was found in California which stated that beef was the ingredient rather than the traditionally used fish, and the rest has now become history!

One interesting fact that I have found revolves around the idea of getting tacos at any time. If you travel to Mexico you will notice that Tacos are typically not served during the middle of the day. They are served as a breakfast item or a dinner item, unlike here in America where we typically expect tacos to be served at any time, even at 2 am from Taco Bell or Del Taco.

Tacos are amazing, and even though October 4th doesn’t fall on a Tuesday, you can still celebrate taco Wednesday on October 4th. Make some tacos with your friends, or go out to eat some authentic Mexican cuisine. Try fish tacos to see what traditional tacos would have tasted like too. Happy Taco Wednesday!

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Posted  10/4/2017

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