National Pancake Day | September 26th

National Pancake Day | September 26th

Flapjacks. Hotcakes. Pancakes. Whatever you call them we all know that they are the most delicious breakfast food to enjoy. They are so great that they’ve actually gotten their own holiday. While IHOP might celebrate National Pancake Day in March, the true holiday is actually September 26th. While you might not be able to go get free pancakes, you can always have a girls morning and make pancakes at home together!

Pancakes have been made since the ancient roman times. While they were made a bit differently than today, the concept was still relatively the same. Back then they were called Alita Dolcia. Early pancakes actually included spices in the batter! It helped give some of the flavor before syrup was invented. Some of the spices were cinnamon or clove. Early syrup most likely would have been honey that was collected. Honey is still amazing on pancakes today if you haven’t tried it.

There are tons of different variations on pancakes that you can see in the modern world! Some pancakes are made with oat flour instead of white flour, which is a great substitute. There are fluffy pancakes, and those topped with different fruits. A french crepe is basically a thin, watery pancake too. Every single culture on this Earth has a different form of a pancake, though America’s tends to be the sweetest of them all.

How can you celebrate national pancake day? Well of course by making some delicious pancakes! If you want to try something new, why not find an international recipe and make a different pancake today. Add some food coloring into your pancakes and make rainbow pancakes. Try adding different spices into your mix to make cinnamon or pumpkin spice pancakes. You can even have an international pancake buffet with your friends! Try different syrup flavors and have a blast making and eating pancakes at home either for breakfast or even dinner. Just don’t have too many in one day, if that’s even possible.

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Posted  9/26/2017

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