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Have you ever heard that expression? You know, less is more. Typically society wants you to buy more things and have more possessions, but in many cases less can actually be a whole lot more. What do I mean? Well, let me explain a bit to you.

First of all, we can look at a literal translation. Less stuff can actually be more, especially in small apartments or dorm rooms. Having less things makes for more room overall, and can make for a better space. Clutter makes rooms look smaller than they are and much less organized. On top of that, having less things can make you want to stay out of your room and be with friends, which is always more in my book.

Second of all, less can be more in your personal life. Less friends can turn out to be MORE of a friendship because you make more personal bonds with those people. They can turn out to be lifelong friends because you took the time to get to know them and be around them, rather than having to balance a large friend group. Also, less can be more in the terms of a job. Sure, having a high paying job in a big company can seem like more, but a lot of times it takes away from family or personal time, which can actually be worth much more than the money you make at your job. My father learned this. He gave up his job as a manager for many different restaurants and instead became a simple factory worker so that he could spend his time raising me and being with me.

Finally, less is more even with activities. You don’t need to constantly be doing things. That can actually lead to many mental and physical problems. Sometimes only being involved in one thing can be more rewarding than being apart of every club that you see. It gives you time to excel at one thing rather than being mediocre at everything.

Less is more. If you find yourself overwhelmed with everything, or you just seem to be pulled to thin, try having less things. Get rid of things you really don’t need. Re-evaluate your life and see what you can do with less to make your life worth even more. 

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