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Society likes to tell us that we need to give up constantly. We’re always told that if something doesn’t go right the first or second time, or perhaps that something isn’t going well in life, then we should just stop right there. The horrible thing about that is you never really know what could’ve happened if you stuck to it. You’re forever stuck never knowing.

We need to push forward and always keep trying. Don’t ever give up on what you’re doing, even if everyone around you is telling you to stop. Keep trying your best on everything. Keep trying to make the impossible possible.

Even if you’re getting bad grades in school, keep trying your best to get the best grades you can get. Your perseverance is much more precious than a letter on a piece of paper. Even if you have a ground breaking idea, but no one thinks it is going to do good, keep trying. Sometime down the road you will thank yourself, especially if that idea becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Even if you’re having troubles finding a job, keep trying to put out applications. Eventually something will come together.

I promise, if you keep trying something good will come from it. If we stop trying and just give up, then nothing will ever come from it. If we give up then we will never know what could have happened. We just need to keep trying, keep pushing forward, and never give up.

TXTgirl :: Orange County, CA

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