How to Stay Positive this Year

TXTgirl BLOG How to Stay Positive this Year

Positivity can be really hard to keep, especially following a year like 2016. It seems like there’s less positivity out there and far more negativity. You can change that though! Your positivity in the New Year can really help change the positivity of those around, helping to make the world a more positive place. We could really use that right about now, so here are some tips to help you out.

First of all, you’ll need some motivation, as with anything in life. You’ll really need to get into the right mindset of positivity before you can actually go out and be positive! If you can afford it, buy (or even make!) some cool quote decor for your room or apartment. They can all have really positive, inspiring things so that when you walk around you can get inspiration at any moment. Also, try to create a positivity gallery on your phone that’s filled with quotes and pictures that really make you smile. You can even keep some of them as your lock screens!

Now, staying positive isn’t as easy as keeping things on your phone and on your walls. It takes the right mindset to truly stay positive, even when things aren’t looking too good. You need to look at things from the bright side, no matter what. Even when things around you seem to be absolutely horrible, try to see something positive in it, or at least try to find something positive to distract yourself. It might be incredibly difficult at first, but try your best so that you can start training your brain to be positive.

Finally, you need to help your friends be positive too! Positive friends are the best kind to have, especially if they help you when you’re feeling down too. Try to encourage them to see things positively like you do! Your friends will surely not be as interested in it, but eventually your mindset will rub off and you’ll notice them being more positive too. Don’t be alarmed if they get grumpy or upset for a while as you start to become more positive. People around you aren’t always used to positivity, so they’ll try to resist that change. Just stay positive and they’ll end up seeing from your point of view soon too.

Try really hard this New Year to stay more positive. It can be really hard at first, but with the right motivation and mindset you can really get the ball rolling. Others will eventually join you, but it will take some time for them to do so. Just keep being positive so that 2017 can turn out much better than 2016.

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Posted 2/23/2017

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