How to Make Perfect Beach Waves

TXTgirl Blog How to Make Perfect Beach Waves

Beach waves hair is absolutely essential for the summer. They never go out of fashion and can make you look effortlessly cute. Beach waves can be really hard to figure out though, especially for girls with pin straight hair. There are a few amazing things that you can do to help you get those effortless beach waves all summer long though. Try out some of these tips and rock your hair during the beautiful weather.

First, you need to have your hair just a bit damp. The bit of dampness to your hair will help the product take hold and be effective as your hair dries. Blow Dry your hair until it feels almost dry, but not perfectly dry yet. Then you’ll want to add some texturizing spray to your hair, and even a salt spray. Scrunch your hair with a towel and let it dry the rest of the way. This is the easiest way to get those beach waves, but if you’re like me and have really thick hair, there’s a few different tricks.

Another way, and the way that I use to get beach waves is with a flat iron. Brush your hair out and heat up your flat iron. Take medium size chunks of hair and curl it with your flat iron. If you don’t know how to do that, basically put your hair in your flat iron, turn it 180 degrees and pull down like you’re straightening. Once all of your hair has gone through it should come out curly, just like with a curling iron. Curl sections of your hair in different directions rather than all in one. You can even leave some section a little straight to make your look more undone. Then, finger comb them out and add a texturizing spray. Scrunch your hair and continue finger combing a bit to get that undone curly look. Ta-da! You’ve got some gorgeous beach curls.

If this tip didn’t work for you there is one more way you can get beach waves. Take your normal barrel curling iron and wrap your hair around it. Like before, make sure that you curl your hair in many different directions to get your desired beach wave look. Try adding a texture spray to your hair to make it even more effortless. Be careful not to accidentally burn yourself.

Hopefully these tips help, and always remember to use texture or salt spray to help make those curls look like they’re straight from the beach. You’re going to rock this summer with your beautiful hair. Remember to keep your hair healthy though so you can rock these waves as much as you’d like. Embrace your inner mermaid with your beautiful beach waves.

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Posted 5/10/2017

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