How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

TXTgirl Blog How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

We all want healthy, long, beautiful hair, just like in those Pantene commercials. Everyone just seems so much happier with long, healthy hair. Plus, it’s shiny and super soft, which makes us want to run our fingers through it all day. I don’t know a girl who doesn’t want healthy hair, but I know a ton that don’t know how to obtain it. Healthy hair, especially long hair, is sometimes hard to keep, but I’ve got a few pointers to help you out.

I might have short hair, but I am known around campus for always having really healthy hair. It grows fast, is super soft, and always seems really shiny. That’s great for me, but I just wish that other girls knew it wasn’t hard to keep healthy hair. One of the first steps is to stop washing it every day! Your hair has those natural oils to help replenish and heal your hair from the damage that your hair products do to it. Wash your hair every other day, but no more than that if possible. Your hair, and scalp, will thank you for it.

Get your haircut somewhat frequently. There’s not exactly a set time period that you should be getting your hair cut, but try to get it trimmed at least once every few months. This makes sure that all the dead ends and split ends get cut away so your hair can grow even healthier. Plus, many stylists take care of your hair in ways that you don’t have access to, helping it grow longer and stronger, faster.

Use coconut oil on your hair and use colder water when taking a shower. Hot water can damage your hair, while cold water can keep your hair healthier and shinier. That’s why many stylists recommend using cold water if you get your hair dyed. It helps keep the color and shine for longer. Coconut oil, or even Moroccan oil, can help keep your hair healthy by giving it new essential oils to lock in. Don’t use it too often. Once a week should be just fine, and let it soak into your hair for about 5 minutes in the shower.

Finally, minimize the amount of heating tools that you use on your hair. All of that heat constantly on your hair can really damage your hair after a long time of use. Try to give your hair a break on the weekends, or at least try to let your beautiful, natural hair hang loose. If you do use heating products though, make sure you’re putting a heat protectant spray on first.

Take some of these tips to heart if you really want to have healthy hair for life. There are tons of other tricks out there too, but these are some of the easiest to adapt to at first. If you get daring, why not try some beauty hacks out there, like putting vinegar in your hair? No matter what, give your hair a break and let it be natural every once in awhile. Strive for healthy, beautiful hair every single day.

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Posted 5/17/2017

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