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Put your phone down. Shut off your TV. Lower the radio. Close your laptop. Power down your tablet. Now that all of that is done, there’s only one thing left for you to do. Go outside! I’m serious, we all need a bit more time outside these days. Our society has become one of indoor events and brief encounters with the outdoors. Seriously, when was the last time you actually spent more than an hour outside? I bet it’s been at least a week or two since you spent that much time outside.

We are constantly indoors, watching TV, scrolling through the internet on our computers, or shoving our noses in our phones. Rarely do we actually step outside to enjoy the fresh air or the sunshine around us! There are so many amazing benefits that being outside gives, plus, there’s so many things that you can do! Need motivation to get off the couch and onto the grass? I’ve got you covered.

First of all, there’s tons of things to do outside. Go to the beach! Hang out with your friends! Take your dog for a walk! If you’re a daredevil, you could even go chase some storms, just be careful. There’s literally an endless amount of things to do. Our ancestors spent their entire lives outside. It’s practically in our DNA to stay outside. Plus, you can meet new people outside or even discover something cool around town that you would have never known otherwise.

Second, being outside is actually great for your health. The natural light works wonders for your eyes, your skin can be clearer, you can absorb vital nutrients, and it gives you extra exercise too! I bet you would have never thought all of that could come from simply going outside.

Try to get outside sometime this week, even if the weather isn’t exactly perfect. Call up some friends and see if they want to hang out. You can even just see what’s going on around town and show up for fun. I’m sure you and your body will thank you for the extra time outside.

TXTgirl :: Orange County, CA

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