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Here’s a little fact that I bet you didn’t know about me. I have spent all of my high school summers working in a fair food stand. That’s right, I was the girl that made and sold some fair food to you and worked long hours in a hot truck. We’re all incredibly friendly people, I promise, but most of the time people think we’re mean. That’s not the point though. We’re here to talk about the food that we sell and some of the health facts about them. Spoiler alert: most of the food isn’t exactly healthy for you.

First of all, fair food isn’t the healthiest. Most of it is fried in a huge frier located at the back of the truck. Healthy doesn’t mean unsanitary though. There are very strict health codes that go into owning and running a food stand truck. Yay for that! Also, most of the employees are friends of people who come to the stand, so we are always wanting to keep people healthy. So get rid of the misconception that fair food can be unsanitary. We make everything fresh that morning, and then actually cook it while you’re ordering from us.

All fried foods are usually cooked in vegetable oil. Basically, vegetable oil is a combination of different oils from different vegetables. It’s really cost effective for stands, but sometimes it’s not the best oil for your body because you’re not exactly sure what goes into it. That said, most of the food is only cooked in this oil, so it’s just trying to cook the outside layer. That’s far less oil in the product than baking it into the actual food itself.

Fair food is delicious to eat, but just know that most of it isn’t healthy for you. Many things are rolled in breading and then dipped in the oil, giving it tons of calories from the amount of flour and sugar that goes into the breading. Additionally, deep frying a fancy bar isn’t the most healthy option. Sometimes that can get one snack over 800 calories by itself. The good news is that some trailers can now offer healthier options for customers, such as low fat or less oil. There are options out there, but sometimes they can be hard to come by.

Finally, fair food should be eaten in moderation. Never eat a full meal at the fair if possible. Try to pick the healthiest foods, and try splitting your food with a friend. Many portions are over one serving size, so splitting with a friend can help decrease your calorie consumption and fat consumption. Also, try to stick to water if possible. Water is far better for you than the other sugary drinks offered. Don’t get fooled by deep fried vegetables either. Even though it’s a vegetable, deep frying takes away many of the benefits of actually eating it.

Fair food is good in moderation. They taste delicious and smell even better, but know that most of it isn’t the healthiest for you. But always remember that unhealthy doesn’t mean unsanitary. Most fair stands have to go through a health code inspection to operate, meaning that they have to keep up cleanliness standards or they will get shut down and possibly sued. Try to avoid fair food, or opt for the healthier options if at all possible. Mostly, just remember to have fun at the fair this summer. That’s what really matters in the long run.

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Posted 6/2/2017

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