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If you’re anything like me then you adore those five extra minutes that you get to sleep in during the week. You simply don’t want to leave your bed until it’s far too late and you have to rush out the door hoping that you look decent enough. It’s a horrible habit to be completely honest. Did you know that if you spent those five extra minutes on yourself in the morning rather than laying in bed it can actually help boost your mental health? Crazy! Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

If you take those five extra minutes in the morning to focus on yourself and your morning you might find yourself less stressed out. When we sleep in until it’s too late to return then we end up setting ourselves up for a very stressful morning. We end up throwing clothes on ourselves, rushing through our makeup routine, and sprinting out the door while forgetting our coffee. That stress can put our brains into a fight or flight mode, thus elevating our heart rate and making our brain work way harder than it has too. Long term stress can actually lead to a negative impact on mental health. So, those five extra minutes should be spent on your rather than curled up in bed.

How can you spend those extra five minutes without feeling like you’re completely losing sleep? You can meditate for five minutes. This can help your brain focus on the day ahead and get your motivated to go to class or work. Also, meditation can help ease any lingering stress from the day before. Meditation is overall a great idea, especially if you find some time for yourself. Besides meditation you can stretch a bit before getting dressed. It will help get oxygen flowing to your muscles and slowly wake your body up from its long slumber. Both of these are really easy to do and don’t strain your brain at all. Plus it might even feel like catching up on those five minutes of extra sleep too.

Finally, if you don’t want to meditate or stretch for the fear of falling back asleep, trying gaining some body positivity. Make a five minute mantra in the morning that you say to yourself instead of sleeping. This can help boost your self-esteem during the day by giving you a bit of body positivity to work on while you’re getting ready. In the long run you can actually gain confidence in yourself too. It’s a great idea for those five extra minutes instead of sleeping in.

Don’t hit snooze tomorrow morning. Instead, get up! Meditate a bit to get your mind focused on the day ahead. Do some stretching to oxygen flowing into your muscles and slowly waking up your body. Finally, try doing a five minute morning mantra to gain body positivity and form a great self-confidence boost. You’ll adjust to not having those extra five minutes and you’ll be happy that you got up instead.

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Posted 3/31/2017

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