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Chances are that you haven’t been everywhere in your city yet. Even if you live in a tiny little place, you probably haven’t explored all of the country around your city yet. People think that the real definition of traveling and exploring is going to far off places and spending money trying new things. That simply isn’t true though! You can do all sorts of exploring right in your own city, without ever having to spend money or traveling incredibly far. Here’s some fun ways to start exploring new places in your city.

One super fun way to get outside around town is to get some apps on your phone that show you new places to explore. Another way is to find apps that take you off the beaten path. One that has really helped me is called Geocaching. It’s essentially an app that takes you on a treasure hunt using your GPS to find real life “treasure” that’s hidden all around you. It takes you to new places around town just to get to the objects, and can even show you places you’ve never been to before. There are other great apps like Foursquare that send you notifications of places that are recommended for you. Sometimes there are recommended places that you didn’t even know existed!

Another great way to explore your city is called the Penny Game. Essentially you load up your car with some of your besties and the person in the passenger seat gets a penny or some sort of coin. Every time you come to an intersection, flip the coin, or choose to go forward. If the coin lands heads, turn right, tails, turn left. Keep doing this until you get to a new part of your city that you’ve never been to and see what’s around you. Maybe you’ll find a new park or store that you’ve never been to. Just try to have Google Maps or a GPS to help you once you start getting just a bit too lost to find your way back home.

Finally, just start walking around. Be safe of course, but try to walk around and really see things around you. We tend to miss a lot when we drive, but walking is slow enough that you can figure out what’s around you and the things that you have missed. Also, make sure that you stay on public property. No one wants you to accidentally get in trouble by trespassing on private property.

Explore some more of your city this year! It is a great way to travel without having to spend tons of money or go to faraway places. It’s fun to explore your city and find new places that you never knew existed. Get out there and have fun exploring.

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Posted 2/21/2017

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