Every Closet Should Have a Black Dress

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Little Black Dresses are an absolute wardrobe staple for every single closet out there. If you don’t have one you need to get one ASAP. I’m being honest now. Your closet is nowhere near complete until you have a little black dress hanging in there waiting for you to wear it. Not fully convinced that you need a Little Black Dress? Well, I’m going to convince you that you need one, and I mean need one like yesterday.

First of all, a Little Black Dress is good for literally any occasion. Homecoming? Put some sparkly jewelry on, sparkly heels, and curl your hair then voila, you have a homecoming outfit. Casual day at school? Throw a necklace and some flats on then bam! you’ve got a great outfit. Job interview? Throw a blazer over it and you’ve got a professional outfit to wow the interviewer. They are so versatile because they are black, and that color goes with literally anything, making your style choices endless.

Second, Little Black Dresses look good on everyone. Black is a flattering color for everyone and there are tons of different cuts for different body type. You could get a dress that fits more like a bodycon dress, or you could get a fit and flare. There are hundreds of different types of Little Black Dresses, so it’s impossible not to find a style that fits you.

Third, Little Black Dresses are good for any season, any time, and any budget. You can always find Little Black Dresses during any time of the year because they go with any time of the year! It’s all about the accessories that can take it from winter to summer in a flash. Plus, Little Black Dresses are incredibly easy to take from day to night with a little makeup and shoe change. They’re just easy, and easy on the wallet too. Most of these dresses are under $50 because black isn’t an expensive fabric color and the process to make them isn’t as complicated as say your favorite floral dress.

Hopefully this list really convinces you that you need a Little Black Dress. They are good for anytime, anywhere, any day, and any budget. They are an absolute staple to having a “grown-up” closet too. Every college girl I know has one in their closet, and it really means that you need one too. It’s easy to find one that flatters your shape and meets your needs, so don’t even worry about not finding something for you. Your fabulous, and you’d be in more fabulous in a Little Black Dress.

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Posted 4/5/2017

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