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I want you to do something for me right now if you can. I want you to stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself for at least five minutes. A full five minutes, not just a few seconds and then say that feels like five minutes. Alright, you can come back to this post now. Was that uncomfortable for you? Did you slowly start picking out parts of your body that you didn’t like? I do the same thing, but it’s finally time that we start embracing our bodies. We are all beautiful women and we better start acknowledging that.

Give yourself a big hug now. It might be weird but you deserve a hug because you are beautiful. You are simply amazing. Stunning. Spectacular. That’s the mindset that you need to have towards yourself every day. That’s step one to embracing your body. Having a positive mindset towards your body and yourself can really start you on your journey to embracing your body for exactly the way it is.

The next step towards embracing your body is accepting your body. Start by thinking about the negative. Don’t focus on them though! Notice what you think is negative. Then, clear your head and look at yourself again. Is it actually that bad? I guarantee that those stretch marks, tiny tummy, or even scars are simply beautiful. I’ve always kept the mindset that your body is a canvas and every little mark on it is just a story of your life. Also, you wouldn’t be anything like you are now if this wasn’t your body. This is the body that you have been given and it makes you uniquely you! Embrace that uniqueness.

Finally, you need to keep both a positive mindset and a realistic view for the rest of your life. That sounds so scary, but to really accept yourself and embrace your body this is something that you need to actively do. How can we make that easier? Wear clothes that flatter your body and that you feel amazing in. Also, try to do a pep talk to yourself every night if possible. It will really help to keep those good vibes around you while you learn to embrace yourself.

Learn to embrace your body. It’s really hard to do, even for me, but just know that you will thank yourself in the future for doing so. Give yourself small pep talks when you can and keep a positive mindset about your body. Your body is what makes you so unique (besides your awesome personality of course!). Make sure that you learn to embrace and love it for the rest of your life.

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Posted 4/17/2017

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