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How many times do you tend to eat out per week? Three times? Five times? More than ten? Now, think about how much you tend to eat in during a week. Hopefully that number is much larger than the number of times you eat out during the week. Eating out is incredibly expensive, especially if you have a family of four. Don’t believe me? I’ll do some simple math to help show that eating in is much less expensive than eating out.

I’m going to pick one of my favorite sit down restaurants from my hometown. It just so happens to be Logan’s Roadhouse. Now, at this restaurant the typical meal is, conservatively, about $15. That includes if you get a drink or not. Now, let’s say you have a family of 4, and everyone orders almost exactly $15 worth of food. For arguments sake, they all get steak dinners with a baked potato and broccoli (my favorite meal) as a side. Total, for that family of 4, that’s gonna cost you $60, not including tip! Now, how much would that same meal cost to make at home?

One large steak at Meijer (equivalent to Walmart) is about $9. Now, that for 1 lb of steak, which is typically double what you would get at a restaurant. So, for a family of 4 to all get steak that’s $18. As for potatoes, you can get a 5 lb bag for $2.49. Now, that’s more than simply 4 potatoes, so we’ll price them all at $0.10 each. Now, broccoli is $1.29 each, and maybe your family loves broccoli so they get 2 heads of it to eat. Adding that all up, for a family of 4, that only costs you about $21. That’s the price of only 1.5 meals at the restaurant! Imagine how much money that could save you over the cost of a week, or even a month!

Total, a meal at a sit down restaurant can cost a family of 4 somewhere in the means of $60. That same meal but made at home costs about $21. That’s $39 less! But why is it that way? Well, when you eat out, you’re not only paying for your food, but also the cost of delivering that food, the labor to make that food, the rent of the place that you’re eating in, and the utilities needed to keep that restaurant up to health code. At home, you’re really just paying for the food, nothing extra.

Try eating in a bit more than eating out this month. It will save you a ton of money (especially if you’re a college girl like me). The cost of eating in is a lot less expensive, and a lot of times you can make the exact same food in your kitchen. There are even recipes online that taste the exact same as the restaurant’s food. Plus, you can have a fun time making food with your family, or even your SO if you invite them over for date night. Try your best to cut down on eating out this week. It will save you a ton of money to do other fun stuff!

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