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Mom always told us that we needed to eat all of our vegetables before we were allowed to watch TV. Odds are you probably just rolled them around on your plate or fed them to the dog if at all possible. While vegetables might be gross to you, you really need to eat them every single day. Find something to pair them with that makes them easier to eat. Here are some tips and reasons why you need to eat your greens.

First, leafy greens are full of iron, which girls tend to lack since that lovely time of the month comes around and drains us of our iron reserves. Also, green vegetables are full of amazing vitamins and minerals that really help the body function well. Green vegetables can also help fight off bad toxins that enter our bodies during the day so that we can stay at our best as long as possible! Healthy, full of vitamins, and our own personal body guards. Why wouldn’t you want to eat your greens?!

I know the answer to my previous question. They can taste disgusting! Well guess what, the world has evolved and you can get your leafy greens through other means that aren’t eating them alone. You can steam broccoli with a bit of butter to help take away that weird taste that raw broccoli sometimes has. You can also grill up brussel sprouts, green beans, and other veggies with some steak seasoning to make them taste AMAZING. Also, ranch and other condiments can help disguise the taste. While the best way to eat them is still plain or raw, if you need some options to get rid of the strong taste you can try some different recipes with your next meal and see what you like the most.

Another great way to eat your greens is in alternative forms! Try making a smoothie with them, or juicing them. It makes it into a drinkable form, and while it might look funny most of them taste simply amazing. Also, if you hate the taste of Spinach you can get an alternative by using spinach tortillas when making a wrap. The same goes for pasta: add some spinach into your pasta and you’ll barely notice that it’s there. There are so many different options.

Really, really try to eat your greens. They’re amazing for you with what they provide. You should be eating over 2 cups of vegetables at least every single day. That seems like a lot, but you can do it! Make it a goal to eat more greens. Start small with having them as a little snack and work up to having them with every single meal. Here’s to being healthy.

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Posted 4/7/2017

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