Does Makeup Expire?

TXTgirl Blog Does Makeup Expire?

We all know that food expires. Even some cold medicine and prescriptions can expire after a while. Most people, and hopefully you too, know that all of these things expire. Does makeup expire though? How can we tell when makeup expires? What can we do with expired makeup? What happens if we wear expired makeup? These are all really good questions and I’ll help you answer some of them in this article!

Makeup actually does expire. If it didn’t then we wouldn’t be talking about any of this! While it might not seem that makeup expires, it really does, and much faster than you think. Makeup has chemicals in it (they’re safe I promise) so the chemicals and pigments can start to go bad after a while. One of the first signs that makeup has expired is clumpiness or shininess when wearing it. Now, makeup does get clumpy and shiny after a while, but if it’s already doing that relatively soon after putting it on then you might need to check that expiration date.

Where even is the expiration date on makeup? Well, almost all makeup is required by law to put the expiration date somewhere within the packaging. Many companies put the symbol on the bottle for you so that you know exactly when your makeup will expire without having to save the box. The symbol looks like a little makeup compact with a number inside and year the word month or years inside. You could probably guess, but that number is the number of months or years after you open the product that it expires. If you can’t find the number, just know that most makeup expires one year after opening it. The only outliers are mascara, which expires after only 6 months, and lipstick which expires after 1.5 years.

Wearing expired makeup is just an absolutely horrible idea. While you might love your favorite lip kit, you really need to get rid of it once it has expired. After the expiration date bacteria can start to grow on your product. Then you’re putting that bacteria straight onto your face. Eww! That’s what causes horrible breakouts, and sometimes even infections that need a doctor’s visit. So, once that makeup is expired you should get rid of it.

There are more things you can do with expired makeup rather than just throw it out. Some of the items that you use for makeup can be reused for other purposes. An animal company is currently collecting mascara wands to help care for small animals. The wands are great as little brushes (once clean!) to help keep lice and other insects off of small animal fur and keep them healthy for adoption. Many makeup bottles can be recycled too. Just check the bottle and your recycling company to make sure that you can throw the bottle into the recycling bin.

Make sure you go through your makeup bag annually and get rid of all your expired makeup. It might be difficult having to get rid of your favorite eyeshadow, especially if it was expensive, but you really need to get rid of it quickly to avoid infections and acne. Try to vow in the future to get rid of expired makeup, but remember that the expiration date is after you open it, so that should save you a bit of panic. Go out and rock that beautiful, non-expired makeup!

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Posted 4/12/2017

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