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Remember those goofy pictures that you posted all the way back in 2012? You know the ones that I’m talking about. Some of them were pictures with different sayings that you tagged your friends in, or crazy pictures that you took just for fun. These are all great memories, but have you ever considered cleaning up your social media? While there might be far more to clean up than simple school pictures, it might be time to clean up and professionalize your social media.

What are some things that you should consider removing? Well, there are indeed many different things. One would be those angry rant posts. You know the ones I’m talking about. These posts are ones where you’re feeling an incredibly strong emotion and feel the need to post about it online to vent. Those should be some of the first posts that you should get rid of. Also, any unneeded posts (like “I’m eating a sandwich”) should really get deleted too. They don’t serve much of a purpose for you.

Another thing you should remove are bad pictures that show you negatively. In the future your employers will be looking at your social media accounts to find out more of who you are as a person. You don’t want them to see you in inappropriate pictures. That’s surely not something you want the world to constantly remember about you. Take down those bad pictures, or even bad posts that show you as less than who you really are.

Finally, try to clean up pages that you like and posts that friends might have tagged you in that you don’t need anymore. You can request to untag yourself from things and you can unlike or unfollow people that don’t align with what you like anymore. Delete accounts on games that you don’t play. It’s a long and tedious process but one that you will thank yourself for in the future.

Clean up your social media this spring, just like you take the time to clean up the house. It’s a long process, and one that seems so silly, but it needs to happen. Perhaps this could become a yearly thing so that you don’t have to take so much time when you do need to clean it up. Just try your best and make sure that your social media is a great image of who you are.

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Posted 5/8/2017

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