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I absolutely adore cherry blossoms. They’re so pretty to look at and are gorgeous to walk under while they are blooming. Guess what, that bloom forecast is showing that they’ll be ready in America during April 11 to the 14th! They’re already blooming in Japan, but hopefully they’ll be ready during that time here in America too. Don’t know what cherry blossoms are and want to know more? Stay tuned and I’ll share some of my favorite things about them.

First of all, cherry blossoms are those beautiful trees with little pink flowers that you see in Japanese TV, Anime, and especially in artwork. They’re very well known trees whose blooms are artwork to watch all on their own. While cherry blossoms are thought to only be in Japan, they do grow across the United States as well, and Washington D.C. even has a cherry blossom forecast to help you know when the perfect time to see them is. There is even a Cherry Blossom festival held each year to celebrate the Japanese giving us the beautiful Cherry Blossoms in March of 1912.

Cherry Blossoms are indeed beautiful, but in Japanese culture they tend to actually be a symbol for a few different things as well. They typically represent the fragility of life and yet how beautiful it still is. Cherry Blossoms have a really short life span, usually only lasting a few weeks before falling to the ground. The short bloom time shows how short and tiny our lives seem, and yet how we need to cherish them even more while we’re here.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is held in memory of the Cherry Blossom trees that were given to us by the Japanese in hopes of building a stronger friendship between our two countries, much like pandas were given to us in the same fashion. The festival celebrates that by having a kite festival and ceremonies that combine American and Japanese events. It typically takes place from March to April. Check to see if you have any festivals or ceremonies near you.

Here are a few last fun facts about Cherry Blossoms with Japanese culture to hold you over for the rest of the month. The Japanese school year typically starts around the same time as the Cherry Blooms since they also represent a time of renewal and new beginnings. There are other colors for Cherry Blossom trees other than pink, typically they can be white also. Finally, Cherry Blossoms are called Sakura in Japanese.

Be on the lookout for those beautiful trees in April and make sure to try and celebrate Cherry Blossoms as much as you can. Have fun with them, or even host a picnic under them if you can find a nice grove. They’re absolutely beautiful, just like you!

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Posted 4/11/2017

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