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I love being able to change up the way that my room looks. My friends say I do it constantly, but really I’m just changing small things all the time so I can always be a little surprised when I get back home. It’s really easy to change up your room, even if you only want to spend 30 minutes on it. There are tons of different ideas for you to try. If you’re completely clueless on where to start, here’s a few tips.

Try mixing up the wall decorations that you have. It’s just a simple thing to try that can make a space seem so much different. Re-arrange the collages on your walls, or get some hanging lights and use clothespins to hang your favorite pictures. Hang new things on your walls, or try using washi tape as frames around posters that were just hanging up there without anything around them. It’s easy, quick, and possibly the best way to change up your room.

If you have a bookcase, try re-organizing it or moving it to a different part of your room. I constantly move around the decorations and books on my bookshelf. Try setting some of them down flat and stacking things on top, like picture frames and little trinkets. Add some plants onto your bookcase to add a little bit of uniqueness. Bookcases aren’t meant to be one specific way. They’re essentially just shelves that you can organize however you would like, so why not change it up a bit.

Another way you can change up your room is by changing the location of things. This is going to take a bit more work, and possibly an extra set of hands, but you can move your dresser, bed, and even bedside table to help refresh your room completely. Sometimes moving things around can make your room seem even bigger than what it actually is too. Just be careful, and if you’re moving your dresser be sure to empty all of the drawers first.

Finally, you can invest in some new things. This is the only one of the options that isn’t free, but if you have a little extra birthday money then feel free to try this. You can buy paint and re-do your walls if they’re a bit boring. You could get new bedsheets or new pillows for your room too if you would like. There’s always the option of new decorations too. See if you can DIY them first, before buying something really expensive.

Changing your room can be tons of fun. I love being able to mix things up and surprise myself a bit when I come home. Plus, things can look less cluttered and almost brand new when you move things around. When you’re changing, try cleaning up the dust a bit too. That will help make your old room look brand new again. Happy decorating!

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Posted 6/14/2017

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