Bouncing Back Into Your Routine

TXTgirl Blog Bouncing Back Into Your Routine

Coming back to school after a long break can be brutal. It’s hard to wake up early again and get into the habit of doing school work. This is even true when it comes to going back to work. No one likes getting back into a busy routine after a break, but we really have to learn how to. There are some steps you can take before coming back to help bounce back, and even a few on the first day back. Luckily, I’ve tried a few myself and I’m more than willing to help you figure out how to bounce back into your routine.

Two or three days before you know you’ll need to be back into a routine, try re-starting. Basically, start your routine all over again before you actually have to do it. It’s almost like practicing your mind and body for the real thing. Wake up at the time when you’re supposed to. Eat a breakfast that you would normally have. Go out and do things during the time that you would typically be doing at class or work. Just make sure that you’re doing something that mimics how your regular routine would be. Even though it’s not identical, it’s at least a way for your body to understand what’s going to be happening soon and to get accustomed to it.

The day before you go back, make sure that you have everything that you’re going to need. Try to make that first morning as painless as possible. Do a checklist of everything that you’ll need for the day, especially if you’re going back to classes. Pre-pack your bag, set out clothes that you want to wear the next day, and try to get a good night’s sleep. Making the morning transition easy will make your day go much smoother and keep potential catastrophes from happening.

Once you start your first day back, try to keep positive things in mind. Encourage yourself to keep going and have a positive outlook on what is happening. There is nothing worse than having a bad first day back. That can make getting back into your routine much harder. So brush off any negativity that happens and keep those positive vibes around you. If it’s your first day of class, try to meet a new friend, or see if you already know someone in the class! Having someone you know in class will make coming back a ton easier, since there will be a reason to show up again besides your grade.

As the week goes on your body will naturally fall back into its routine. It doesn’t take too long for your brain to catch up, but those first few days are just a bit difficult. Make sure you start your routine a few days early, and keep positive vibes around you on your first day into your routine. Try to make that first day as painless as possible. The positivity will make you want to go back, making it much easier to bounce back into your schedule. Have a great first day back!

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Posted 2/14/2017

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