Benefits to a Clean Space

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A clean space is usually really hard to keep, especially if you’re as lazy as I tend to be. It’s never fun to clean things and even worse trying to organize. The problem is that a dirty space doesn’t have many benefits for our lives, but a clean one can have a ton! It’s hard to do, especially when you don’t have much time, but you need to keep a clean space. Here’s a few tips to keeping a clean space along with the benefits of having one.

There are a bunch of little ways to keep a space clean, but of course you’re going to have to clean it first. You don’t have to clean it all at once though. Try cleaning small sections every day for a week until it is finally clean. Make sure that you have things to organize your items in too instead of just shoving everything into drawers, under the bed, or into the corner of your closet. Having a bedside table helps a ton too. As for tips to keep your room clean, take ten minutes at the end of the day to put things back where they belong before going to bed. It won’t take long at all and after a while you’ll be keeping your space clean indefinitely!

One benefit to a clean space is relatively obvious. You’ll be able to find things easier and faster if everything is clean! You might be like me years ago and think that something things are always harder to find when things are clean. This is especially true if someone else cleans your room. But, if you keep your space clean and have objects put away in places that make sense to you then it will be much easier to find. For example, my medicines, keys, journals, and chargers are all on my bedside table so it’s easy to find necessary things all in one place.

Another great benefit is stress relief. It has been proven that living in a clean space or doing stressful things in a clean space can actually reduce the amount of stress felt during it. Think about it, having all of that clutter around you while it feels like you’re life is hanging onto a single thread can make things so much worse. Having a clean space and not having to stress about trying to find something while you’re already stressed about everything else makes life so much easier.

Finally, a benefit of a clean space can also mean a clean life. You’re more likely to carry over your clean habits into other parts of your life such as eating healthier and keeping other things cleaner. Ever since I started keeping my dorm organized I’ve also found myself keeping my backpack and even phone more organized than ever. You’d be surprised how much one space can affect the others.

Try working on keeping one clean space in your house or your life. There are some amazing benefits to being or living in a clean space, such as stress relief, a cleaner life, and ease of finding things. Try using some of my tips if you can’t seem to find out how to make and keep a clean space. Try your best, even if it’s hard. Eventually you’ll be like me and make it a habit of yours.

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Posted 5/18/2017

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