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School is starting to come back around again, which means organization is going to become crucial. Between all the homework assignments, notes, and endless amounts of desk supplies, staying organized can wind up being a really hard task. I’ve always had trouble staying organized, but when I am organized I find there are a few benefits to it. What are some benefits of being organized though?

First of all, the definition of organization can be different for everyone. For some people, a little bit of clutter on a desk might not look organized, but to them it is. Basically, being organized is knowing where everything is at a certain time and being able to locate it quickly and efficiently. Organization is just supposed to make your life a little less stressful and clutter free. Papers should be neatly filed away, planners should keep your day to day life, and your desk or workspace should be kept clean, even if that’s just your laptop.

One huge benefit of being organized is the time you can save. Organization can save you time from having to search through hundreds of papers to find the one you need for class. That can sometimes waist up to 10 minutes of your time; enough time to have the first few questions of paragraphs of your assignment finished. On top of that, it can save you time by seeing when you’re free during the day, especially if you keep a planner. You can figure out when to squeeze in lunch between work or classes, instead of having to wait another hour. It saves time by keeping you from constantly having to clean your desk space as well; which isn’t just time consuming, but very annoying.

Another benefit: it decreases stress. Believe it or not, that pile of unorganized clutter is actually causing you a lot of stress. Knowing where things are makes it much easier for you brain to stay calm instead of getting frustrated when something can’t be found. Also, it can help make an endless amount of work or a busy schedule seem much more manageable than just jotting it all down on a piece of paper or throwing it on a desk.

Finally, being organized can actually help you in school. Sure it might not turn that D+ into an A-, but it could help you turn in more homework. Many of my teachers had rules stating that if the homework wasn’t in their hand by the time they passed your desk at the start of class, then they wouldn’t accept it. The boys in class would constantly be digging through a folder of crumpled papers, hoping to find that one homework assignment, and usually not in time. Being organized can help keep you from those annoying situations. Plus, being organized with notes scientifically makes it easier to study and recall the information during tests!

Try staying organized this year, or at least set a goal for yourself to try and be more organized. There are actually many benefits to it all, including saving time, decreasing stress, helping in school and life. Sure, being organized may seem like a chore, but once it becomes a habit you’ll be happy you decided to become more organized in your life. 

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