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I love going to the beach with friends. It’s the best time of the year, and hearing the water lap at the sand is the most calming noise in the universe. There are always some amazing things to do at the beach, but eventually we all get hungry. One of the number one things that people forget to pack on the way to the beach is sunblock, following that is snacks! Here are some great beach snacks to bring with you this summer.

Clif bars are great for the beach, so long as you keep them out of the sun. They’re really yummy, even when they’re warm, and have a great amount of protein to keep you going all day! Try to avoid the chocolate kind so that they don’t get all messy of course. Go ahead and throw a few of these in your bag for a bit of protein that you usually don’t get during the day.

Fruits are another great snack to throw in your bag for the beach. Bananas are always a favorite, especially if you get some peanut butter to put on it. Apples are great too if you’re craving something sweeter. Try to avoid berries as those can get really gross in the heat and far too messy to eat. Fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, or anything with an outer “shell” is the best for you to bring along.

Trail mix or a bag of nuts is also a great beach snack. They’ve got protein for the day and don’t go bad in the heat. There are also tons of different flavors for each mix of trail mix or even your can of nuts. You don’t need to buy the fancy packs with yogurt and chocolate chips. Instead, go for just a plain mix to avoid the yogurt or other small mix ins going bad out there on the sand.

One final snack that’s great for the beach is chips! These are by far the least healthy of the list, but they do work if you’re looking for a grab and go item. Lots of grocery stores sell individual packs of chips to grab, and there are tons of different chips for whatever you’re craving. Try to pack one of the other options too though. Chips don’t have a ton of nutritional value, so if you’re going to be at the beach all day you’re going to want something more than just chips.

Enjoy these snacks out of the beach this summer! Of course, remember to pack tons of water with these snacks too. Dehydration is the worst thing during the summer, so water plus snacks are great for the beach. Enjoy the sun and have fun in the sand.

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Posted 6/9/2017

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