We see signs stating something is authentic on a daily basis.  Why not wear your very own tank to show that you’re 100% authentic too?! There is no one out there exactly like you and no one that will ever be like you. No one has your smile, your laugh, your memories, or your life. You are uniquely you, meaning you are completely authentic. Be proud and…flaunt that every single day!

Being and showing that you are authentic really means embracing your true self and knowing that you are unique. No other person is going to experience things the exact same way that you do. No one has your feelings and your memories. Remember deep down that this is true and embrace yourself. Embracing your true self also means not being afraid to show who you are. Maybe you have a certain stand on something. Embrace that! Don’t let society or other people tell you what you can and can’t do. Stay true to yourself no matter what.

Being authentic also means embracing the diversity around you. Not only are you authentic, but so is everyone else around you. We are all completely authentic and different. Love the thought that we are individual and love that there are so many different people in your life. We wouldn’t have the amazing world we do if we didn’t have diversity. So be authentic. Rock your original TXTgirl authentic tank to remind everyone that you are unique and that nothing is going to change who you are.

The Story Behind the Tank
There’s meaning behind every item we create for the TXTgirl SHOP.  Each and every graphic is made with thought, purpose and lots of love.  Our apparel is created to inspire conversation and help fund girls dreams, so the can reach their full potential.  20% of purchase fund dreams for girls. You should LOVE WHAT YOU WEAR!


TXTgirl :: Orange County
Photo Source | TXTgirl

Posted 8/3/2017

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