5 Tips to Plan a Summer Trip

TXTgirl Blog 5 Tips to Plan a Summer Trip

Summer is the most amazing time of the year, at least if you like the heat it is. We’re no longer in school, there’s no homework, and all of the snow has disappeared for the foreseeable future. Summer is also the time for trips with your girlfriends! There are a few tips I have for planning a great trip though, just in case you’ve never planned a trip by yourself. Here are 5 great tips to consider when planning a summer trip.

1 | Use travel websites to help you book hotels or rooms that you might need. Typically sites like Kayak or Trivago can offer great deals on good hotels so that you’re not spending nearly as much money as you should be. Make sure to read the cancellation terms though to make sure that you aren’t charged a bunch of fees if your plans end up changing.

2 | Make a budget for yourself. I’m 100% serious about this one. Summer trips are notorious for being far more expensive than originally planned out. Try to create a small budget for what you should be spending on and how much cash or money in your checking account that you’re going to need. Plan on budgeting larger than you think. Gas, food, and especially hotels or souvenirs get more expensive during the summer, so you’re going to need to accommodate for that. For a simple week long trip you should be looking at bringing around $500, just to make sure that gas (if you’re driving), food, extras, and the fun stuff is all covered comfortably.

3 | Look at the weather for the area that you are going to. There are two different times that you should do this. First, look at the average weather for the area while you’re planning your stay. This won’t be super accurate, but if you’re going to Texas during a time when it’s typically consistently raining then you might want to move your plans a bit. Also, check the weather about a week before going to make sure that it will be nice. If not you might have to change some of your plans again.

4 | Get to know the state laws. Most places have the same laws as your home state, but you should know the driving laws and other “need-to-know” rules in that state to make sure that you don’t end up getting in trouble with the law for something that was legal back home. It seems silly but you’d be surprised how many people get in trouble for something stupid like littering.

5 | Roughly plan out your trip. This means looking at all the things you might possibly want to do while you’re there. You don’t have to go overboard and plan every minute, but try to see what days would work for the events that you have planned. Then look up prices and possibly coupons to help prepare you for those extra costs.

Hopefully all of these tips really help you when planning that amazing summer vacay. Whether you’re just going on a road trip with friends or trying to plan something with your family, try to keep these tips in mind. They should help you plan for that trip without any huge hassles. Happy Summer!

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Posted 5/16/2017

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