5 Reasons to Spend More Time Outdoors

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Today, most of us love spending time on our phones, tablets, laptops, and even desktop computers if you still have one. I will even admit that I spend more hours on my laptop than I do outside, considering that my job is basically online. That said, we as a generation need to spend a bit more time outside these days. I remember growing up I would go outside on the trampoline with my friends, or dig through the mud to see what kind of little stones and bugs I could find. I would even ride my bike around my neighborhood just to see who was outside playing and ask if I could join. There’s tons of reasons to spend more time outside, but to save you a little bit of time instead, here’s five great reasons you should spend more time outdoors.

Vitamin D! Most of us have heard of this wonderful vitamin from our years of health class, so we would know that this is very essential for our bodies. Naturally, we get Vitamin D from the sun, which means we have to be outside to absorb it. Without Vitamin D people can be more prone to a bunch of health problems, including cancer.

Psychologically it can really help your brain! Being outside can help your brain be more active and even improve your attention span. It’s a great thing to soak up the sunlight. Plus, there’s theories that letting our skin touch the Earth, lets our body soak up ions from the ground, helping us feel that “connected with nature” feeling, of which scientists are calling “grounding.”

The wonderful fresh air. The indoor pollutants in our houses are actually worse for us than most of the air outside, no matter how many air filters that we have in our houses. We build up chemicals from sprays in the air and they stay there, filling up our lungs and actually harming them. The fresh air helps to refresh our lungs and get rid of some of the harmful chemicals that might have built up in them.

The exercise. Seriously, being outside can actually urge our bodies to be active, thus making us exercise just a little bit. Our bodies naturally want to be up and moving, but when we’re inside our bodies can actually shut down an little bit, making it hard to get up and move. The natural sunlight triggers our internal body clock, telling our bodies that it’s time to get up and get moving, just like our ancestors would!

You can actually help your old self. Studies have shown that elderly people that had gone outside at least once every day had less health problems and seemed happier than those who did not. It can also help fight alzheimer’s in our old age as well.

Go ahead, spend a few hours outside today. Just make sure to put some sunscreen on so you don’t get burnt. Call up a few friends and see what kinds of things you can do around town. Go grab your bike and go for a ride. Whatever you do, just make sure you have fun doing it outdoors.

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