5 Fun Free Things to do With Friends

TXTgirl Blog 5 Fun Free Things to do With Friends

My friend group is notorious for always being broke. We have to spend our money on car payments, tuition, cell phone bills, etc. We just don’t have the money to do things that cost us money! That said, we’ve become really clever at finding fun, free things to do together. If this happens to be your friends too, listen up! I’ve got 5 great fun and free things to do with your friends.

Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter. I have to admit, you can do this for almost anything these days. Animal shelters are always in need of help, and they love when teens who love animals come around. Sometimes they just need help taking the dogs out to play while they clean up the kennels. Playing with dogs or cats and hanging out with friends? WIN!

Play a Game. This isn’t an idea to play Monopoly. No, this is even better. You can find some crazy game ideas on Pinterest, and I have to say, they are hilarious to play. Some of my friends played Humans vs. Zombies one year (a Nerf gun game), and we’ve even played Giant Jenga or Messy Twister. It’s tons of fun to make your own games and they cost you nothing so long as you all pitch in to find the materials.

Look for Free Events Around Town. Where I live, every Thursday night is Street Performers night where local people come out and show off their talents for the public to view. It’s free for everyone, unless you feel like tipping the performers, and it’s awesome. Your town has tons of events that are free to the public too, you just have to watch out for them. Follow your town’s page on Facebook or Twitter to get updates, and search around for Facebook events showing when and where these events could be.

Host a Throwback Movie Night. Movie nights are always a go-to with friends, but watching new movies together can get annoying. Usually someone talks over it, or we have to rewind constantly. Instead, throw it back to a movie from your childhood! It’s bound to bring back hilarious memories and tons of laughs at the actors playing them. A favorite of my friends is re-watching Disney Channel movies, or even High School Musical. It’s a great time for everyone there.

Have a Girls Night In. Take those expensive girls night out on the towns back home. You can easily get your girls together and make your own manicures or pedicures. You can even try doing makeup on each other, or just have fun with a silly fashion show. If that gets too boring, have some talk time between everyone, or flip through old Facebook memories. It’s tons of fun and can easily be free if every girl brings something.

There are tons of options for friends to do while hanging out that won’t break the bank. Try thinking of fun ways to do things for free, or even start with this simple list here! The fun times and memories that you make are what really counts, so don’t let money get in the way of that. Have fun!

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Posted 3/21/2017

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