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TXTgirl Blog 5 Favorite Girl Movies

Girls, it’s finally the end of fall and the beginning of winter, so you know what that means. It’s time to break out the fuzzy blankets, cuddle up with some hot chocolate, and enjoy the best chick flicks around. Now, there are hundreds of great chick flicks to pick from, but I’m going to share with you my top five movies, in no particular order.

 Miss Congeniality. Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock is chick flicks?! This is the movie I have watched with my mother probably more times than any other. It’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically about an FBI agent that goes undercover as a a Miss USA pageant girl to help capture a long time criminal that has threatened the pageant. It’s highly recommended, and when you get done, you can watch the sequel!

Mean Girls. While this movie might not be incredibly empowering, and believe me, the girls are nothing like real high school girls, it does have a sweet and empowering ending. Almost every girl I know has seen this, and it’s incredibly popular on my campus. If you haven’t seen it, or have heard of it but haven’t given it a shot, get some of your best friends together and watch it! This movies is always better with friends btw.

She’s the Man. This one stars Amanda Bynes, our lovable girl from The Amanda Show. Basically, this story follows Viola as she dreams of becoming a soccer star, but the college she goes to only has a men’s soccer team. So of course, like any girl would do, she dresses up and acts like her brother to be able to play on the team. It’s hilarious movie filled with awkward moments, and Channing Tatum as well. Give this one a shot on those boring Sunday nights when it seems nothing good is on TV.

27 Dresses. A personal favorite, as I have seen it far more than 27 times, this movie is all about weddings and being a maid of honor far too many times. It’s both a romantic comedy and a chick flick all at the same time. It makes fun of weird weddings a bit, but also shows the bond between sisters and how that can easily be broken. It’s filled with some drama, some love, and a whole lot of laughter. This one is surely a movie to watch during girl’s night in.

The Duff. While I’ve only seen this movie once, I do remember it being really funny to watch. It’s more of your Disney Channel type of movie, but it’s about a girl trying to beat the form of “bullying” that she’s encountered. The Duff stands for Dumb Ugly Fat Friend. Through learning to be herself again she finds a lit bit of love and a little bit of loss. It was an overall good movie for what it’s about, so I would recommend it if you’re bored and looking for something to do.

So, get the girls together and get prepared for a movie night! Make sure you make enough hot chocolate and popcorn to go around, and most of all, have a great time. While deciding on a great chick flick can be hard, hopefully this narrows it down enough for you to make a choice, before everyone has to go home.

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Posted 2/15/2017

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