Who I Look Up To

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We live in a world where celebrities and socialites get all the fame, glory, praise, and attention. But when life gets hard, can you really look to them for support, advice or help? Do you know any spotlight starlets that could really steer you in the right direction when life throws you are curve ball?

My answer is no, and the truth is that your role model is better off being someone you know and has your best interest at heart. For me, that special person is my father. From a young age, I always admired his love for others, his work ethic and his dedication to his family. His lives his life in such a way, that he is not easily offended, and forgives beyond what you and I would consider rational. He is the first one to help in a time of need, and rarely ever says “NO”. You feel included, and important when you are around him… and he remembers small details about your life that let’s you know he genuinely cares. It’s no wonder he has so many friends, and why many of his own family member work for him as employees. He sets the standard on what it means to live a humble yet extraordinarily generous life, and for that… I will always look up to him. Who do you look up to, and why?

TXTgirl :: Orange County, CA

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