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Vision Boards are the cool new way to put your life goals into perspective. No, they’re not literal things made for your eyesight, but rather boards that put your life goals into focus. How can you make them? What are some things to make vision boards for? Most importantly though, do vision boards even work? As a girl who loves planning things out, I’ll tell you all about vision boards and how helpful they can really be.

You’ve most likely already seen vision boards floating around on the internet, but probably just didn’t realize what they actually were. Usually vision boards have both pictures and quotes on them, focusing around one idea or goal for your life. Lots of people love making vision boards for weddings or vacations, because they take a lot of time, money, and planning. Anything in your life that you feel will take a lot of planning and need some focus is probably a great idea to have a vision board for.

At the center of your board you should have a theme. The theme should be completely filtered around your goal. Usually pictures are what works the best, but maybe just a great quote will work for you. We will use planning a wedding as our little example. The very center of your board could be a picture of you and your fiance, or even just a simple “I do” picture. Then, surround it with quotes or ideas that you really want for your big day. Maybe put inspiration pictures for your wedding dress, or have little quotes about love that reflect your current relationship. Now, that’s just an example, but essentially that’s how to create a vision board with any other goal you have!

Vision boards are not just physical boards though. They can easily be something like a Pinterest board where it’s completely digital. Creating an online vision board can be really helpful, and typically much easier, but just remember that you need to keep the board focused. Don’t put a ton of things into your digital board, and make sure that the few ideas you do keep end up helping you reach that ultimate goal rather than hurt it.

Try keeping your long term, life goals in mind by creating a vision board! They can really help plan and keep you on track for that goal, along with also looking incredibly cute. Think of something to start one with, and make sure to keep your ideas focused along the way. Happy vision board crafting!

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Posted 1/30/2017

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