The Best Advice For a Hard Day

TG Blog 28 Photo from TXTgirl

Do you ever feel like you are getting pulled in a hundred different directions, but none of them are the one you actually want to go towards? Or that everyone is asking you to do things, but none of them are what you want to do? Even worse, no one is asking you what you want and you just feel really taken advantage of and tired?

I feel like that all the time, especially during the school year. With friends, a job, family and teachers, everyone wants something and it’s really hard to give everyone what they want, but still get what you want. There was one night during high school that I remember completely breaking down from stress. I talked to my mom and she told me something that I still carry with me to this day.

She told me that when you are feel like everything is rushing around you and you are almost to that breaking point, take time to help yourself – do whatever you need to pick yourself back up again. Whether that means taking a day off from school, calling in sick from work, saying no to a friend or eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, just do it. When things get really tough, its nice to know that it is okay to take a minute to breathe. Ultimately your health is what matters most so if you feel like you are getting too run-down, just take a second. When my mom told me that it made me so happy, its nice to know that even adults understand that life can get really hard and it is okay to slow down.

TXTgirl :: Orange County, CA

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